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About Us

The Tax Commissioners' Technology Development Council of Georgia, better known as TCTECH, was founded in May 1999 to provide an organization for Tax Commissioners to share information regarding technology-related issues that will ultimately enhance service to the taxpayers of Georgia.

Georgia Tax Commissioners and businesses now have a forum for the exchange of technology solutions that will reshape the public sector landscape. As the 21st century dawns, Tax Commissioners can no longer be satisfied with the status quo. Instead, county officers must join forces with the private sector to use technology for the benefit of mutual customers.

TCTECH affords its business partners new ways to interact with county revenue officials. TCTECH captures and makes understandable the possibilities presented in this new world of constant change and challenge. Together, public and private sector members gain the necessary insight to make intelligent decisions.

TCTECH membership will inspire your business to go beyond today's possible into tomorrow's impossible. As one of Georgia’s preeminent professional organizations, TCTECH members represent a cross-section of Georgia governments and business interests. The financial support of TCTECH is a model of public/private cooperation.

TCTECH seeks to promote, through a wide variety of educational programs, a greater appreciation and understanding of technology, the process of governing, and the importance of public service.


P.O. Box 117
Dalton, GA  30722